Hi! I'm Maris Polis

I am a Hamburg based Nuke Compositor with 10 years of experience in the TV and Advertisement sector. Ever since I got my first machine at the age of 10 I was fascinated by the possibilities and challenges that every new piece of software was offering. So during the last 25 Years I've gained a lot of skills that complement my professional focus and allow me to bridge over into other domains.

Feel free to get in touch:

Email: mp@marispolis.com

Phone: (+49) 0-173-5741585

What I do

My services



Conform / VFX Editing

Autogenerated Videos

Motion Design

Film Restoration

Broadcast Copies


IT Management / Maintenance


Some of my projects


Kaufland / Christmas 2023

I was tasked with compositing a number of shots, the main one being the kitchen scene featuring the kids and granparents preparing cookies. That shot consited of 40+ moco passes and a healthy amount of cleanup tasks. Thanks Katalyst for the fun time!

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Motiondesign & Compositing

Telekom / Without Consent

I had the pleasure of contributing a number of shots to this interesting project. My tasks mostly fell into the motion design category. I designed the the video cloud surrounding the protagonist, the passport animation, the newspaper and the synthetic voice visualisation amongst others. The campaign apparently caused some waves and nominated for various awards. At least that's what I am reading on LinkedIn. Thanks dr1p!

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Compositing & Final Onlining

Mercedes / EQE SUV

For the worldwide reveal of the 2022 Mercedes EQE SUV in Paris, I was trusted to composite a number of shots. Tasks included effects work, cleanup and talent removal. On the final days I was placed in charge of finishing and format creation.
Big thanks to my friends at dr1p for the support!

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NIKE / South Koreas World Cup Jersey 2022

This project started off with a couple of cleanup jobs and some minor effect work. After developing the technical concept for the multiplying legs I took over the rather complex morphing sequence. This shot included upper body morphs for a number of players/actors and light effects on the jerseys characteristic claw marks.

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Compositing, Online & Supervision

Deichkind - Wer sagt denn das?

I had the great pleasure to supervise this project from the concept phase all the way to its final form. I did the on-set supervision, took care of the vfx editorial side and coordinated the cg and comp artists on this job. I also took care of some of the mask-shots, the Mr. Anderson sequence, the light pyramids, the army of lying people and some shots that needed cleanup. Work was done for Eleven VFX.

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Aktion Mensch - Sonderverlosung Kampagne

I was tasked with the onlining for this campaign which had about 12 different spots that went on air. I took care of the VFX editorial and all cleanups and adjustments as well as all graphical elements. Headed multiple onlining session with clients and the agency and finished about 60 different deliverables.

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